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As consumers, we are encouraged to change our home "style" on a regular basis, and not give a thought to where these items originate, or what they're actually made from. Reusing, repairing, restoring and recycling furniture makes sense. A well-built piece of furniture lasts for generations. A poorly made one may only last for a short time considering how hard we are on furniture.

Restoration is not only a smart investment, but environmentally advantageous. There is a much smaller environmental impact from repairing and reusing furniture than from fabricating a new piece.

The foundation of the furniture is there. The tree has already been cut down and the piece has been constructed. Older factory made furniture is better built than new factory built furniture. Material and methods that are no long economically available were used. Good older furniture is made with dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, thicker veneers, and solid wooden parts. Today's factory made furniture is held together with clips, cams, and tabs.

Most furniture now is constructed in Asia, put in a box and shipped to America. Your existing furniture is already made, probably here in America. Restoration work is done locally, by Excel Shop craftsmen.

Excel Shop Furniture Restoration believes that waste recycling is an important part of reducing environmental damage and creating a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. We reuse all that we can, including wood scraps, chemicals, fabrics, paper and plastics.

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