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Bad Dog!

We all love our furry best friends, even when they are naughty. How is it that one minute they can be the sweetest, best companions, and the next minute they are destroying your grandmother’s childhood rocking chair? We are often brought pieces of furniture that have fallen victim to man’s best friend. Chairs, dressers, table legs, you name it. Recently, however, we were brought in something quite interesting…a large wooden goose. This poor goose had been to war with this dog, and the dog won. His poor beak was chewed off and his neck was cracked! Lucky for him, though, we have the nickname “wood doctors” for a good reason. Our craftsmen will be able to make him a new beak and touch it up with color to make it good as new. The crack in his neck is just superficial and it isn’t at risk of breaking, so we are going to fill it in with wood filler and touch it up. He will be good as new in no time. Let’s just hope he’s on better terms with the dog once he’s back home!

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