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What Does Cherry Wood Look Like?

Cherry wood is known for its warm, reddish-brown tones and distinctive grain patterns. Sometimes it can even take on a blonde appearance. It is great for furniture or floors, as it is a hardwood. Want to know how to identify it? Here are key characteristics to help you identify cherry wood:


  • Cherry wood typically has a reddish-brown color that darkens with age and exposure to light. When freshly cut, it may exhibit a lighter hue, but over time, it develops a deeper, richer tone.

  • The heartwood (inner part of the tree) is darker than the sapwood (outer part), creating a pleasing color contrast.

Grain Patterns:

  • Cherry wood has a fine, straight grain that is often characterized by small, closely spaced pores. This fine grain contributes to a smooth and consistent texture.

  • Occasionally, you may find cherry with wavy or curly grain patterns, adding a touch of uniqueness to the wood.


  • Cherry wood has a smooth and even texture. Run your fingers along the surface to feel for any irregularities. It is not as coarse as some other hardwoods, providing a pleasant touch.


  • Cherry wood exhibits a natural luster that adds to its aesthetic appeal. This subtle sheen contributes to the overall warmth of the wood, especially when finished with the appropriate coatings.

Aging and Darkening:

  • Over time, cherry wood undergoes a natural aging process that involves darkening. Exposure to light, particularly sunlight, accelerates this darkening process, resulting in a deeper and more mature appearance.

Sapwood and Heartwood:

  • The sapwood of cherry wood is lighter in color, often ranging from pale yellow to a light pinkish-brown. The heartwood, as mentioned earlier, is darker and represents the mature wood of the tree.


  • While not always noticeable, cherry wood can have a faint, sweet aroma, especially when freshly cut. This characteristic, however, might not be as pronounced as in some other types of wood.

By considering these key characteristics, you should be able to confidently identify cherry wood and appreciate its unique qualities in various woodworking and furniture applications.

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