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How Do I Clean My Lacquered Furniture?

When our clients leave the shop with their newly refinished, lacquered furniture, one of their main questions is, “how do I clean it?” The best way to clean it is simple; a soft cloth and warm water with a mild soap. You don’t want to use an abrasive rag. You want to use a soft cloth, such as a tshirt rag. Use some warm water and a mild soap, such as Dawn, and it will help clean up spills and spots. Light to medium scrubbing pressure is fine. Wipe up the water right away, as moisture is never good when left on furniture. Otherwise, for routine dusting, you may use a microfiber cloth. Just make sure that the cloth is clean so as to not risk scratching your finish. 

Avoid products that contain bleach, as they can ruin the finish and even penetrate the finish. Also avoid products that are marketed as “furniture polish”, as they end up leaving a heavy residue build up. You also want to avoid alcohol based products as it can hurt the finish.

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